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A sought-after consultant for over 25 years, working with global corporations--including HP, IBM, Microsoft, RBS, BT and KPMG--I specialised in building strategic-alliances and teams, that could deliver global multi-million dollar projects.  

I built these teams to deliver best-of-breed solutions that would save organisations millions-of-dollars, so understanding how to recruit and mentor the right people was, and is, critical.  As is, being able to develop workplace solutions to overcome the unexpected.


My experience is not theoretical, it comes from real-world experience. I know how to spot talent, and then nurture it through the minefield of the workplace environment.  I want to use that experience to help you, which is why I started this consultancy.

I am a qualified Business Coach, in addition to being highly experienced and accredited in structured methodology 

disciplines--which means I know how to find solutions to complicated issues.

My philosophy is simple: help you find your best performance, and do it at an affordable price I have endeavoured to offer a range of services that will satisfy the most budgets, and help the most people.


Quite frankly, I take as much pleasure in seeing one of my clients succeed, as I did delivering highly successful global initiatives. 

You will find me friendly and approachable, and I have clients from many parts of the world, so I am delighted to help people from different cultures.

The easiest way to find out if I'm the best fit for you is to reach out and ask me questions. If I think someone else might be better for you, I will tell you so. No pressure or hard-sell: ever.


I am here to help.


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