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The Workplace 

Are any of these familar workplace scenarios?

  • A colleague is making my working-life uncomfortable.

  • My boss isn't taking me seriously.

  • I've been told I need to be more assertive and take more responsibility.

  • I'm struggling in my new job: how do I ask for help?   

  • My performance review is coming up, and I want to ask for more money.

Helping people in these countries ...


The default response to these kind of workplace issues is to just ignore them, or to act impulsively: both are poor choices.  

Developing strategies that you can use to address your issues are the simplest and best way of dealing with them.


Choose one of our options that works best for you.  

1-1 ConsultancyFix your workplace issues.

Workplace Issues Coaching: A 90-minute on-line consultation where we develop strategies designed for your personality and cicumstances.

Includes 14 days of email support , so if you have follow-up questions, you're covered. 

Alternatively, try our Work-fit classes. A maximum of five people per class keeps them fun, but informative. Including:

Successfully Navigating the Workplace: A 90-minute class where we examine the solutions to some typical workplace challenges.

Workplace Challenges Q&A: A 90-minute class where you ask me the questions you need help with, in the workplace.

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